Welcome to On Ice

On Ice is a private training facility designed and built for the improvement of hockey players using real ice. Our qualified instructors are able to teach in small classes for individual attention. We offer a wide range of training choices to meet any skill level or age. We have been running goaltending and shooting lessons since 1998.

At On Ice we believe the more skills you have the more enjoyment you will have playing the game. We focus on individual skills to make each player the best that they can be.

On Ice is a 6000 square feet training center and retail hockey store. there are 3 training pads, a fitness center and a goalie specific store.

Rink 1 This is our main goalie rink. it is 25′ wide and 45′ long. we have set up the rink in half plastic ice for the instructors and half ice for the goalies. 95% of all goalie movement is with in 5 feet from the crease. This rink allows you to work on angels, recovery, movement and playing the puck. This rink is not good for breakaways. You can do a group, elite, semi or private lesson in this rink.

Rink 2  This is our smallest goalie rink. 15′ wide and 25′ long. this rink is also set up half plastic ice and half real ice. This rink is great for reaction drills. You can do lots of repetition and work on recovery, slides, back door pivots and puck tracking. This rink is unforgiving, every little mistake will show up.This rink is good for beginners who need lots of extra attention. This rink is also very good for the experienced goalie looking to work his in tight game. This rink is not good for angels, breakaways and playing the puck.

Rink 3 This rink is all ice. It is 24′ wide by 45′ long. You can work on breakaways as well as all the skill sets a goalie needs.you can book Semis and private lessons on this rink.

Rink 3 is also where all of our shooting and puck control lessons take place. Shooting is the one area most teams don’t have time to spend on. The basics of the wrist shot and back hand are covered in the group lessons. For more advanced shots like snap and slap shot, semis and private lessons are available.

Fitness center  Building strength  speed and agility to jump to the next level. In today’s game off ice conditioning is just as important as skill development. Our gym has every thing you need to improve your game. Weights for strength, balance boards for agility,  ladders and boxes for speed and rowing machines for endurance. Plus a lot more. You can book with a trainer or buy a monthly pass.

General  On ice also has change rooms and a shower. There is a customer lounge that can be used as a meeting room. There is a large parking lot and is close to the link for easy access.

Every thing you need for the game of hockey we can provide.