Education Is Priority 1

Hockey can give more then just hockey. Hockey has given these players an education. Some players will move on to pro and some will start a career with a high level of education. You can strive to be at a level in which your hockey skills can help pay for your education. Improve your skills and let hockey propel you through life like these player have done.

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On Ice Goaltending School Hockey Card Jamie Phillips Jamie Phillips

"Michigan Tech"

More About Jamie Phillips

Jamie Phillips

Jamie played 4 years at Michigan Tech. Over Jamie's 4 years at Michigan Tech he compiled numerous awards including WCHA first team all-star, WCHA first team all academic, and 2015-2016 outstanding student athlete of the year.

On Ice Goaltending School Hockey Card Alex Murray Alex Murray

"American International College "

More About Alex Murray

Alex Murray

Played 3 years at AIC. Prior to that played for the Prince George Cougars of the BCHL.

On Ice Goaltending School Hockey Card Julia Vandyk Julia Vandyk

"Colgate University "

More About Julia Vandyk

Julia Vandyk

Played 2 years at Colgate University. ECAC Hockey Goaltender of the Month for the month of October 2016.

On Ice Goaltending School Hockey Card Ben Csernik Ben Csernik

"Colby College"

More About Ben Csernik

Ben Csernik

Played one year at Colby College (NCAA D-3) and one year at UOIT (CIS). Majoring in Kinesiology.

On Ice Goaltending School Hockey Card Jay Chrapala Jay Chrapala

"Manhattan College"

More About Jay Chrapala

Jay Chrapala

On Ice Goaltending School Hockey Card Blake Richard Blake Richard

"University of Windsor"

More About Blake Richard

Blake Richard

Blake has played at the University of Windsor since the beginning of the 2015 season.

On Ice Goaltending School Hockey Card Clint Windsor Clint Windsor

"Brock University "

More About Clint Windsor

Clint Windsor

Clint has played 3 years at Brock University.